Monday, July 1, 2013

Where the reading list left off

Yesterday I posted about my reading challenge. Today I figured I would finish with the last six that I've read.

Brother Odd: Dean Koontz
This is the third installment in the Odd Thomas series. After finishing the second book I was almost considering not reading the third. Since I am one of those people that starts a series and must finish it. I was hoping to be pleasantly surprised, I wasn't. This book pick up a couple months after the second book. He now lives in a monastery. It's not just any old monastery, it's one with a school that teaches special need orphans. It took me forever to finish this book, I was so bored the whole time. Needless to say, I don't recommend this book.

My Horizontal Life: Chelsea Handler
I loved this book. I started to read it on my way to Mexico for a friends wedding. I sat on the plane and laughed out loud the whole time. Good thing Fiancé was the person sitting next to me, or i would have really annoyed someone. I have watched Ms. Handler on T.V. when I'm up later at night. I've always got a kick out of her. I do believe this is her first book. I would recommend it to anyone with the understanding that is is a bit raunchy for some. Lots of sex (hence the name), and parting are talked about in this book.

The Hunger Games: Suzanne Collins 
I was late to the party when it comes to reading this book. I was not one of those people who read the book before the movie came out, I read it a while later. I honestly saw the movie before I read the book. Which in my case was a great idea. I have a problem with reading the book first, then seeing the movie. I get very upset with the movie and talk about how they ruined the book. I know most people do this, I am trying to learn that a movie is not the book, it's an adaptation. 
This book was amazing, I enjoyed every bit of it. It did not take me long to finish this book, if you have not read it I would highly recommend it.

Catching Fire: Suzanne Collins
After reading the first one I had to start the second. It is a little different then the first, it picks up a few week after the first one ends. They do a great job talk about life after the Hunger Games. Of course there a small twist in it. I don't want to ruin it in case anyone hasn't read it. I am excited about seeing this movie when is comes out in November. I just hope they can make the movie as well as the book is.

Mockingjay: Suzanne Collins
Of course after reading the first two I had to pick up the third. It is different from the other two, but in a great way. I think I enjoyed the third one the most. The twists this book throws at you are wonderful. I can defiantly see how they will make this into two movie. Highly recommend for readers.

Solitary: Travis Thrasher 
I really didn't like this book. It is a series that I do not plan on continuing. When I first started I thought it may have something going, but nothing happened. It was lots of talking about how something may happen. When something did happen it didn't have the same effect. The build up was so much more then what happened.

The Scarlet Letter: Nathaniel Hawthorne
I was very happy to start this book. I know most people read this book in high school. I was not one of those people. This is a classic book that has stood the test of time. It is very interesting and has the king of all twist. It is an old book though, so it does move slower then some modern books. I still hope that this book continues to be taught threw out the states. It was written in a time that the US was trying to market their cultural. 

I am happy to share this I am still working on this goal. Right now I am read the first Game of Thorns book. I really enjoy the tv show, and the book it turning out wonderful. 
I hope to hear some of the books you read, or what you think of these books. 

Always Smiling,

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