Friday, June 28, 2013

Enjoying the blogging world!

I am starting off in the world of blogging. ( i know, late to the party). I don't care so much to have this blog be life changing, i just want to use it as my own personal blogging scrapbook. So I am starting out with reliving my Thursday with iPhone photos.  

I started my day by cleaning my kitchen

This task is something I have been putting off forever. It's a real eye opener to see how many half open mustard one has in their fridge. 

After getting sick of cleaning my kitchen, I finally decided that I should really get around for the day. 

 One fun thing about get ready for the day is taking unneeded pictures of myself. I like to do this so I know how many times I've worn clothing items, I feel it's been to make new outfits. 

 After getting ready for the day, I hung out with my dog, made a dessert, then headed down to my brother's house for family dinner.

This is a fairly new tradition my family has started. My family has lots of tradition (Sunday dinner, Christmas cookie, brunch...ect) I really enjoy this about my family, we are very close and I think these tradition help with that. 

This is my wonderful life, I hope you enjoy.

Always Smiling,

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